WISSA 2020 News

Recognition by the Estonian Yachting Union

December 16, 2020

The Estonian Yachting Union appreciates our team for organizing Winter Surf Worlds WISSA 2020:
"Tõnis Kask, who started using the Manage2Sail regatta management programme in Estonia and organized the Winter Surf World Championships WISSA 2020, was awarded the title of the Leader of the Year."

Thanks to the Estonian Yachting Union for this recognition!

"But without a strong team, supporters and, of course, participants, my contribution would not have been possible. So recognition actually goes to all of us! Thank you all!" says Tõnis.

Special thanks to the children of Lestijärvi!

"WISSA 2020" by Liinus Haaponiemi

Thank you note

August 3, 2020

At last, we can say WISSA 2020 is now finally accomplished. For the organizing committee, the last WISSA was an extremely risky, difficult and tense event. Even the fact that it was only possible to draw the line for the event half a year after the event was finished for most, shows how big one barely week-long WISSA can be.

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The competition for the title of kite ski class lasted longer than expected

July 15, 2020

In the kite ski class, a real battle was fought for the title of Word Champion title. The competition was not ending by the prize-giving ceremony.

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And the World Champions 2020 are…

February 17, 2020

The very special week of WISSA is over again, for 40th time. For some people, the time is for real competition, for some just for fun.

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Media clippings

February 17, 2020

Media clippings for WISSA 2020.
If you know one not listed here, please let us know.

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Days in WISSA 2020

February 13, 2020

As we all know, days are not the same and it's good luck to have ice and wind for all days of the World Championships. So far there have been good racing days and not so good ones.

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WISSA 2020 has started

February 11, 2020

Winter Windsurfing World Championships WISSA 2020, the 40th event, was opened Monday evening. Although the event started officially just yesterday many competitors were on the site already days before.

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Schedule update

January 30, 2020

Due to the reocation of the WISSA 2020 to Lestijärvi, minor changes to the schedule has been made to make the competition run smoothly. The prize-giving gceremony has been moved to Friday night.

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WISSA 2020 in Lestijärvi, Finland

January 28, 2020

WISSA 2020 is relocated to the north, to Lestijärvi, Finland, as in Estonia and southern Finland the winter has not arrived yet.

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The venue of WISSA is a million dollar question

January 20, 2020

The weather conditions in Estonia continue to be more like in November, as for most of the Northern Europe. All the international winter event organizers in the area are concerned, so are we. 

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WISSA 2020 classes and disciplines

December 26, 2019

WISSA 2020 is open to the three winter surf classes - sleds (both with skates and skis), wings and kites. In the competition, the participants split into two main groups, sleds and wings competing together on the same track with the same judges. Kites have their own track and team of judges.

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The Estonian Olympic Committee awarded successful Estonian winter windsurfers

December 23, 2019

Last Wednesday, the Estonian Olympic Committee hosted a reception for athletes and coaches who had successfully performed in the 2019 title competition. Of the surfers, winter windsurfers were the most represented on the podium.

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Winter Surf Worlds 2020 in Pärnu

December 12, 2019

The 2020 Winter Surfing World Championships WISSA will be held from 10th to 15th February in Pärnu, Estonia. This is the jubilee competition: the Winter Surfing World Championship is being held for the 40th time, being one of the longest-running surfing competitions in the world. This is the seventh international winter surfing event in Estonia. Latest international events there were World Championship 2016 and European Championship 2019.

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Surfing school students building their iceboards

November 26, 2019

Text by Jaano Martin Ots

In the fall season of 2019, the youth of the Aloha Watersports School in Pärnu spent one training day each week at the MakerLab Pärnu Workshop, building a windsurfing iceboard (also called "sled").

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WISSA 2020 registration is open!

October 20, 2019

WISSA 2020 registration is now open at the registration page. Until the end of 2019, you can register with a discounted fee. Kind reminder: registration is not confirmed before the payment is received.

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Jacques Sotty to return after 32 years

October 9, 2019

Jacques Sotty, WISSA winner at 1988, is making return to event after 32 years! We asked couple of questions from Sotty to get to know him and his icesurfing history.

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Winter surfing in Estonia

August 15, 2019

Estonia has a history of winter surfing for almost 50 years. Probably one of the first sailskis was invented here. You can read brief history of Estonian sailskis at the page of Estonian Surfing Association.

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WISSA 2020 in Pärnu, Estonia

July 31, 2019

WISSA 2020, the 40th event, will be held on Pärnu, Estonia, from 10th to 15th of February 2020. All competitors and fans are welcome!

Pärnu is charming seaside city in Western Estonia, known for its spas and beautiful beach. It’s 4th biggest town in Estonia.

As the Baltic sea in Pärnu Bay is shallow, there is usually plenty of ice during the winter.

Ice conditions at the bay of Pärnu, 3rd of Mar 2019

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