WISSA 2020 News

WISSA 2020 has started

February 11, 2020

Winter Windsurfing World Championships WISSA 2020, the 40th event, was opened Monday evening. Although the event started officially just yesterday many competitors were on the site already days before.

The WISSA at this year was moved from Estonia to Finland due to no-ice conditions, as we all know, but there is ice missing in other countries, too. Therefore there has been a longer training period than usual.

The opening ceremony was held yesterday at Lestijärvi village. The main speech was made by Lestijärvi municipality governor Esko Ahonen. The municipality is grateful the WISSA is in Lestijärvi this year and mentioned it's easier to make things happen in a friendly small community. Organizing committee can agree - it is amazing amount of work they have done to prepare WISSA and make everyone feel welcome just in two weeks notice!

Esko Ahonen. Photo: Enda Pärisma


Today, there were first races: course races for all classes. There were quite high temperatures last days and also rainy most of the yesterday but at night the freezing temperatures arrived and double ice with it. It made the day complicated specially for sleds: the FTS track was used and while it is not easy for skiis because of the turns, for skates the double ice caused some misadjustment and other that kind of problems. Many did just their GPS speed races or practiced slalom while others were racing course. Still, all the planned races of the day were done.

Kite course race. Photo: Enda Pärisma


Local people have great interest for WISSA - there are some people at the shore area of the race all the time. They show their interest and are happy to interact and know more about winter windsurfing. Local people have set up pop-up cafe and souvenir shop with fantastic selection of local items. Today, the pupils of local school also visited the site at the time most racers had their lunch with the flags of the countries represented.

Children greeting the racers. Photo: Enda Pärisma


There is more cold tonight and ice will get smoother again. There is kite freestyle and short track slalom for sleds and wings planned for tomorrow. Another great and colorful day ahead!

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