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The competition for the title of kite ski class lasted longer than expected

July 15, 2020

In the kite ski class, a real battle was fought for the title of Word Champion title. The competition was not ending by the prize-giving ceremony.

At the beginning of the competition week, Nikita Kodanev was better. After a couple of races, Roman Liubimtsev got better going, then Nikita was leading again after a couple of races and then Roman again. The guys finished with essentially equal points where the final result was decided by a last-minute protest that gave the title to Nikita.

Today's news is that the competition continued - because an appeal was filed. The Estonian Yachting Association formed an independent appeal committee and decided that the protest should be reopened. The protest committee set a new hearing time and accompanied the judge from Russia with international experience. The protest was reopened, as the procedure provides for from scratch. The decision of the new protest committee is - the protest was invalid.

So now, half a year later, the title of World Champion belongs to Roman Liubimtsev.

Roman Liubimtsev

We wish fair competition and a lot of wins for both of you and all others.

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