FEBRUARY 10-15, 2020


WISSA 2020 event is welcoming you


Update 28.01.2020
WISSA 2020 will be hold in Lestijärvi, Finland


Winter Surf Worlds WISSA 40th event takes place from 10th to 15th of February 2020. The competition is organized by the same committee who was responsible for WISSA 2016 and Winter Surf Europeans 2019. The organizing authority is Estonian Yachting Union. The original location Pärnu, a beautiful seaside city at Western Estonia, has no ice, also there is no ice all over Estonia, therefore the organizers had to relocate the event.

We are happy to welcome all winter surfers from all around the world: kites, wings, sleds. Detailed info is in the Notice of Race. All updates in the event will be in the news section and linked to the Facebook event as well.

Welcome to all!


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Media clippings

Media clippings

Media clippings for WISSA 2020. If you know one not listed here, please let us know. Postimees, 20.06.2019  Delfi, 20 ...
Days in WISSA 2020

Days in WISSA 2020

As we all know, days are not the same and it\'s good luck to have ice and wind for all days of the World. ...
WISSA 2020 has started

WISSA 2020 has started

Winter Windsurfing World Championships WISSA 2020, the 40th event, was opened Monday evening. Although the event ...


The World Ice and Snow Sailing Association (WISSA) Ice and Snow Sailing World Championships (ISSWC) is the longest running international competition in the sport of windsurfing - ironic given that windsurfing is a water sport.

The ISSWC got started in 1980, and WISSA officially formed at Worthsee, Germany in 1987. Originally, the organization was about windsurfing on ice and snow with various sleds powered by windsurfing rigs. Estonia 1991 saw the first hand held sail, and Poland 1993 was the first official start for kites. Those two milestones make the WISSA ISSWC the longest running international competition for both hand held and kite sail racing as well as windsurfing!

Although the official name of the event is Ice and Snow Sailing World Championships (ISSWC) it is know to world by the name of the organization WISSA. The first Championships took place at 1980 the event is already 41 years "old" but as at 1998 the competition could not take place because of no snow it's 40th anniversary event at 2020.

WISSA defines “International” as having competitors from at least 5 countries.
The WISSA mission is to provide an international racing venue for the three classes:

  1. Open Class: Any sled powered by a windsurfing rig
  2. Hand Held: Any hand held sail such as kite wing or skate sail
  3. Kite Class: all sails tethered with lines

The further mission is to welcome all, to keep alive the wonderful tradition of international competition, friendship, and communication.

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